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Sharon Critchfield, ConsultingHello, I am glad you came to visit. Please check out the most current blog in a new series which centers around how to create a spiritual practice. My newest e-book is ready to go and is entitled When God Answers your Prayers. It is available as a freebie for becoming part of the Waking Up experience. If you have not had a chance to grab a copy of my book, Waking Up to Heal, it is available in my online store and on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Balboa Press. There is a link to each of those within the sidebar. Many may not realize that I offer Distance Reiki as a Reiki Master. If you are not familiar with Reiki, scroll on down for a brief introduction and pick up my free e-book A First Look at Reiki. As a certified Aromatherapist, I am a distributor for Young Living so if you need any new oils or just want to know more about it, email me or comment and I would be glad to tell you all about them. I welcome any and all comments and would love to hear from you. Meanwhile, have fun and look around.

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7 Universal Laws Governing Your Ability to Create and Attract What You Desire and How to Harness Their Unlimited Power, Law #1

“You can have anything you want, when you give up the belief that you can’t have it.” Bashar Recently, I completed a course of study centered around how to examine the unknown causes of blockages I created myself that were counterproductive to having what I wanted. It was one of the best things I have ever incorporated into my spiritual practice. Every piece of material I studied was brand new to me. It was like [...]

Sharon has a gentle and compassionate way of sharing her perplexing story. Her book is life changing as it describes practical and effective ways to help others on their healing journey. It is filled with wisdom, insight and love! A must read that will positively impact your life!
Hey Sharon. Tanx u for starting your blog. Already I know I will be reading it without fail. I can totally relate to the what you have already written. I have been asking myself similar questions, am I on a spiritual journey, what is my life purpose! So it’s good to know that the very fact that I am thinking along these lines means that it has began!! Fantastic. Look forward to the next post.
I read your book while on vacation and the book has been life changing for me.

Sharon Critchfield as seen and heard on:

The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By; Waking up to Heal with Author Sharon Critchfield.


Patrick Timpone Radio Show: Healing From Within Through Divine Spirit


Guest Article on Mystic Living Today: I have written a few guest articles for magazines. One was Mystic Living Today where I wrote about achieving happiness through developing some personal spiritual truths. Read and see if you find something helpful.

Mystic Living Today: Bringing Love & Light to the World


Article From Rewire Me: I also wrote for Rewire Me about whether it is possible to ever find happiness again after a traumatic life experience. If you have been through a trauma, please read for some hope in your healing.

Can You Ever Be Happy After Traumatic Life Events
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7 Universal Laws Governing Your Ability to Create and Attract What You Desire and How to Harness Their Unlimited Power, Law #1

“You can have anything you want, when you give up the belief that you can’t [...]

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My absolute favorite scrapbooking tool! It is useful, not only for scrapbooking, but for home decorating, card making, gift wrapping and much more!

Dover is a wonderful place to get adult coloring books! They have coloring books on just about any subject. My favorite is their Angels coloring book. One of their pages I colored is in my article, “The Therapeutic Effects of Coloring.”

My favorite illustrator is Johanna Basford. Her books are inexpensive and her pages look so great when finished!

My favorite colored pencils, in fact, the only ones I use! They make your coloring look like a painting!

I need this especially for my Kindle! What a great idea for those who tend to spend too much (like me)!

Hayhouse is my favorite website for spiritually uplifting books, online courses, radio shows and events. I suggest this website to anyone waking up to their own spirituality wanting to learn more. Perfect for daily spiritual practice time!

Angels Coloring Book - $3.99
from: Dover Publications

I am a self-professed Kindle-holic! It is my number one way to escape. You can’t beat the prices on their e-readers or their tablets, not to mention the ease of access to books since it is an Amazon product. Can’t endorse anything more than the Kindle!

If you want to know anything about angels, Doreen Virtue is your lady! She is my mentor, even if she doesn’t know it. She has books, online courses, card decks and is featured on a weekly radio show. Be prepared to read because you will not be able to put her books down! Just type in Doreen Virtue in the search bar and see what all she has to offer!